Swiss Cheese Philodendron

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This plant is a vining plant that looks best in a hanging planter or on a shelf where there’s room for the vines to wander. While this plant is a conversation starter with it's interesting fenstrated leaves, it is also an easy-to-care-for plant. It tolerates a wide range of light, though low light will stunt its growth. Allow the plant's soil to dry out between watering. We include very detailed care instructions with each plant purchased in order to equip you with the tools to be a successful plant parent. 

This plant is in a 4" planters pot.

Image is representative of product and may not be the exact plant you will receive. Each plant is unique and we will send you one as similar as possible to the one in the photo. 

Plant comes with:

-Extremely detailed information and care instructions pertaining to the specific plant purchased. 

- Premium custom-blend soil. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your plants happy and thriving.

-Plastic planter's pot with several drainage holes. Just place the plant and pot as is in a decorative pot and voila! You have a beautiful houseplant on display, ready to love and bring joy to your space.