Homalomena Emerald Gem

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This luscious, green stunner is a durable and fairly low maintenance plant. Emerald Gems thrive in bright-indirect light. They tolerate lower light levels, though their growth rate may slow in low light conditions. These plants prefer to dry out partially between watering, and tend to "faint" as an indication that they're thirsty.

This plant is in a 6" planter pot. 

Because each plant is unique, the images on this page are a representation of the plant being purchased and is not always the exact plant you will receive. We will send you one as similar as possible to the one in the photo. 

Plant comes with:

-Extremely detailed information and care instructions pertaining to the specific plant purchased. 

- Premium custom-blend soil. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your plants happy and thriving.

-Plastic planter's pot with several drainage holes. Just place the plant and pot as-is in a decorative pot and, voila! You have a beautiful houseplant on display, ready to love and bring joy to your space.