Heart Leaf Philodendron

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Meet philodendron cordatum, or better know as heart leaf philodendron. This lovely vining plant is incredibly easy to care for. This philodendron thrives in nearly any lighting condition, from low to high light. Do not expose this plant to direct light as doing so will burn the leaves. Allow this little guy to dry out between watering, as over watering is the number one killer of this plant. We include highly detailed care instructions with each plant to ensure you are given the knowledge to help your new plant flourish.

This plant is shipped in a 4" nursery pot.


Plant comes with:

-Extremely detailed information and care instructions pertaining to the specific plant purchased. 

- Premium custom-blend soil. Specifically formulated with all the nutrients and vitamins to keep your plants happy and thriving.

-Plastic planter's pot with several drainage holes. Just place the plant and planters pot as-is in a decorative pot and, voila! You have a beautiful houseplant on display, ready to love and bring joy to your space.