Plant Styling

Plant Styling

I love to cultivate wellbeing through plants. Plants enrich spaces. They soften contemporary environments, creating lush sanctuaries that invigorate us and help us reconnect with nature. Plants increase our quality of life. However, it can be daunting to know where to start. I can help you decide which plants are right for you and your home. Little Shop of Floras offers home visits & consultations to assess what plants will thrive in your space and provide you with a basic understanding of where to start or continue your houseplant collection.

This service is offered in three tiers:

Consultation and Assessment

We start by arranging a virtual consultation in which I ask a few questions to better understand your houseplant vision. This involves gathering information on exactly what you, as the client, would like in your home or office. I then do my best to make that vision a reality. After the consultation, we arrange a date for an assessment. The assessment is a house call where I gather specific information and readings of your space. I take light readings and provide you with information and suggestions pertaining to which plants will do well in your space, where in your space said plants can and should be positioned, and what type of plants would be a good fit considering the amount of effort you would like to put into the maintenance of your houseplants.

This package is designed to provide you with a basic road map for your ideal houseplant journey.  A list of information will be left with you to implement. 


Plant Repertoire 

In this package, I provide the services from the consultation and assessment package with far more in-depth information. This includes deftly researched and extremely detailed information & care instructions on the specific plants you decide to put in your home; recommendations on any equipment you may need to be successful with your plants; recommendations on humidity levels and how best to reach them; suggestions and information on any additional lighting you may need; detailed guidelines on how & when to water; detailed guidelines and information on fertilizers and how & when to use them; pest prevention; etcetera.

This package not only provides you with your ideal house plant journey, but it equips you with a detailed account of all the tools you will need to be successful in your journey. You will be left with a cache of knowledge at your disposal. Should you need or want some support to implement your newly acquired plant knowledge, I will happily return for a full-fledge Plant Styling.

Plant Styling

This package combines the services offered in both the Consultation & Assessment tier as well as the Plant Repertoire tier. However, in this all-inclusive package, as your plant consultant, I will do all of the leg work for you. I will collect all the plants and equipment you have chosen, and deliver it to your home. Styling your home with your new indoor jungle. 


*Fill out a Consultation Form here for further information and package requests or inquiries.

Additional fees may apply for locations outside a 25 mile radius.  

*I offer plant maintenance as well. Should you desire regular maintenance and care for your plants through weekly or biweekly visits, I will gladly help your green space thrive. Check out the Plant Maintenance page for more information.