Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance

As someone who owns 170+ plants, I know what it is to cherish and adore a plant family. I understand the time and effort that goes into maintaining and cultivating a large plant collection. Keeping your plants healthy and lush is essential and I understand not everyone has the time or the expertise to care for their indoor jungle; proper watering, lighting, humidity, and temperature are all crucial elements. Whether it be a home or office setting, allow me to assist you with superior plant care. 

Plant maintenance is offered as a natural extension of the Plant Styling services, but is also offered as an independent service. I offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly visits, depending on your needs.


Plant maintenance includes:

• watering
• fertilizing
• pruning and removal of dead leaves
• pest management
• rotation of plants to ensure even growth
• dusting leaves


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Additional fees may apply for locations outside a 25 mile radius.