Hi! I'm Lori. 

And I absolutely adore plants! If it were possible to have an "unhealthy relationship" or "obsession" with plants, I'd be there. I started my plant journey 8+ years ago and over the years, I have come to believe that plants have the power to improve our quality of life. Did you know that Horticultural Therapy is a profession? I am by no means a certified therapist, but I do subscribe to the philosophy that plants heal--not only physical ailments, but psychological as well. I am a testament to that philosophy. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, plants have played a huge role in improving my overall wellbeing. Cultivating and caring for life is stimulating and rewarding. Plants reduce stress and elevate your mood; they improve concentration and productivity; and they provide an organic esthetic to our surroundings which relaxes us and soothes our spirit. We are products of nature so it makes sense that returning to nature gives us a feeling of peace.  


I am here to share the love, power, and joy plants offer!